Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg follows Oprah by founding book club. ‘


Zuckerberg created a “Year in Book” page and urged his friends to join him in the project. As of Sunday afternoon, it had more than 89,000 likes.

The club is so influential that the paperback version of the first book Zuck chose to read for the group,”The End of Power” has now sold out on Amazon.

The book, an exploration of  how power is distributed between leaders and individuals, has been a popular read. It was a Financial Times Best Book of the Year and Arianna Huffington recommends it on the Amazon site. But it was still available to buy on the “Everything Store” before Zuckerberg’s pick.

Zuck created a group page, “A Year of Books,” for the reading club soon after. Nearly 100,000 Facebook fans have liked the book club page that just went up two days ago.

Zuckerberg has over 23 million followers (over 30 million if you count those following him via lists) on his own Facebook page. That’s more than twice the Oprah fan base, but then he did start the site.

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