Instagram Influencer The Silver Stylist Shares Bold Outfit Ideas

Lisa Hale, better known on Instagram as The Silver Stylist, is a 55-year-old mother and stylist who has quickly become a fashion inspiration for a diverse fan following. Reminding her followers to express themselves freely without limiting their creativity, The Silver Stylist shares fashion and beauty ideas that break down stigmas and stereotypes — especially those relating to aging women.

Embracing her age, blogger Lisa dons eye-catching outfit pairings and experiments with violet-tinted silver locks. A fan of bold accessories, the influencer also shows fans that age is just a number when it comes to fashion, and that one’s wisdom can only enhance their ability to put together more creative clothing picks.

This boomer style blog illustrates the fashion industry’s growing acceptance of natural beauty and is reflective of brands’ decision to collaborate with real people rather than traditional models.


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