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Tonight, Young Money heiress Reginae Carter re-lives her Super Sweet 16 tonight (via an MTV special). And during a chat with, she dishes on having famous parents, the drama surrounding them, and how she handles bullies. Meanwhile, Toya Wright gets candid about her troubled marriage and why Memphitz left. Check out our interview inside…

Reginae Carter, the daughter of Lil Wayne & Toya Wright, stars in “My Super Sweet 16”, airing tonight at 7pmET on MTV. While promoting the Carlos King/Todd Tucker-produced special (see pics from the ritzy party here), Reginae opened up about being hip hop royalty and some of the perils that come attached to the throne.

As the 16-year-old daughter of celebrities, Reginae is often the source of ridicule and internet trolls. She talked to about how she handles bullies and revealed the source of her thick skin saying, “I know me. You can’t tell me nothing about me.”

She also revealed a few candid anecdotes about what Toya and Lil Wayne have told her about boys!

Toya, who appears throughout the “My Super Sweet 16” program, was shockingly candid when it came to discussing her troubled marriage to Memphitz, which has been the source of rumor and gossip for months. When it come to rumors about abuse and/or infidelity – she didn’t hold back. She revealed to us that she’s standing by her man…but the same can’t be said for him or his actions towards their marriage.

And of course, we had to ask about K. Michelle and Christina Milian – and Toya didn’t disappoint their either.

Check it…

On Memphitz’s claims that Toya is the reason he lost his job and his career
I didn’t see the interview (see Sister 2 Sister interview below), but that’s what we’ve been dealing with. That’s what’s going on. I just feel like I’m not the blame for that. Those things were happening before he met me. My husband is going through a lot right now and I’ll continue to pray for him in his situation and hope that it gets better for him. Because I took a vow for better or worse and a lot of people don’t understand that who aren’t married.

On standing by her man
You know, maybe your husband feels like you’re the reason that this [situation] happened. Maybe he’s going through something. All you can continue to do is be a good person and pray for him and help him get through it or whatever. But I’m not gonna sit up here and bash him. You know.

All I know is he changed from all the things that were going on. The defamation of character. And yes, he did lose his job. But I don’t feel like it’s my fault. Things happen. Maybe you made a few bad decisions in the past but I’m not the fault for it. I’m not gonna give up on the situation. I’m here for him and I’ll continue to be a supportive wife.

On Memphitz turning his back on their marriage
Um…yeah, I think he did. I feel like he thinks he’s in my shadow and he’s gotta get his life back. You gotta do what you gotta do.

On talking to Memphitz
We talk every now and then.

Is there anything she’d like to say to him now?
No. Negativity is an angry beast and I don’t want to speak into it. I’m gonna leave it alone and continue to do me and focus on me and mine. And for everything else…I leave it in God’s hands.

On rumors of indidelity – specifically with a local promoter named Mr. Ruggs. Were you involved with him romantically?
Negative. That is so not my character.

On K. Michelle (Memphitz’s ex)
I have nothing against K Michelle. I’m happy for her and all her success. And when I speak on the situation, it’s from the character I know of my husband. And people don’t know him. They only know her side of the story because she has a larger platform. What people don’t realize is that there’s always three sides to a story. One side, the other side and the truth. I have absolutely nothing against K Michelle. She’s a woman. I love to see women winning. There’s no love lost. But at the end of the day I’m gonna stand by my husband because that’s my husband. I wasn’t there. But I know my husband’s character and I’m big on character.

On Christina Milian
Wayne and I have a great relationship and we will always have a great relationship, and that’s something people may not understand. So Christina Milan or any other woman I don’t care about that. It has nothing to do with me. He knows how I feel about her…I have nothing against that woman.

On Birdman/Young Money
No comment. I just pray for them.

Her advice to other mothers
Teenage girls…there’s a lot going on. You have to develop a relationship. No, they’re not your friend; But, you have to have some type of friendship. Like….with social media and the direct line of contact people have with your kids…you have to have communication. Since day one, I’ve always kept it real with my daughter. Just like we had to learn the hard way, they have to learn the hard way. But you don’t stop giving advice. I’m going to always have time for her and make sure I do things the right way because she’s looking at me. I’m a role model. I’m a strong woman. Keep it classy. My daughter is cut from a different cloth, she has very tough skin and that’s what I love about her.

On why she turned down “LAHH Atlanta”
Because that’s really not who I am. I’m not gonna go on tv and argue with somebody about their past and just…it’s too much drama. I’d rather do something based around my family and not people I don’t …read more

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