The homies over at gossip blog says this is a pic of Keyshia Cole and Cavs star Daniel “Boobie” Gibson’ son.  What do you guys think? 


A Bossip tipster says they have a photo of Keyshia Cole’s newborn son, Daniel Hiram Gibson, Jr. Pop the hood to see “her baby” and let us know what you think.

Now, we have not been able to confirm this and the R&B starlet-turned-reality TV starlet and her fiance, Daniel “Boobie” Gibson of the Cleveland Cavaliers, have yet to release any photos of little Daniel. Plus, the flowery blanket makes us “think ” but it still leads us to ask: Frankie, if this your grandbaby?

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  1. I hope that is not her baby all wrapped in that flower blanket looking like a little girl…I thought it was a boy??

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