Mary Mary singer Tina Campbell and her husband Teddy Campbell are working on saving their marriage after infidelity accusations made by Tina. has the very first sneak peek at the first episode of the upcoming new season where we see the two take the first steps at reestablishing their foundation. Check it inside….

If you’re a “Mary Mary” fan, you saw the explosive breakdown of Mary Mary singer Tina Campbell after she found out her husband Teddy Campbell was sleeping around on her (supposedly on numerous occasions) last season. And has first sneak peek at episode 1 of the upcoming season.

After struggling with trying to forgive her husband after he betrayed her trust (and taking some of the blame), Tina and her husband Teddy have decided to stay together and work through the heartbreak. Now, the real work comes in as they try to move forward with their relationship. But of course, that comes with having to deal with the baggage from the past.

In our exclusive first sneak peek, Teddy comes to terms with getting rid of the car his wife damaged during a rage as she released her frustrations after finding out about his infidelity. She totally destroyed his classic vehicle, smashing windows, ripping up the interior and keying the outside. So, rather than having the vehicle fixed, he decided to get rid of the car to keep the negative memories in the past as they work on trying to save their marriage.

Check it below:


Tina’s sister Erica Campbell is struggling with balancing her solo career (which is taking off) and being a part of the gospel singing duo Mary Mary, who is mangerless. In the super trailer, we see Erica’s husband Warryn Campbell and Tina bump heads over business, causing Erica to be caught in the crossfire. It also appears Erica is missing in action while her sister renews her vows. To make matters even worst between the sisters, it appears Tina has now embarked on her own solo career and has sought out help from Mary Mary’s former manager Mitchell Solarek (who they fired previously). Lordt….

Yes, it’s many things. Check out the teaser below in case you missed it:

The new season of “Mary Mary” premieres Thursday, March 5th at 10/9c on WE tv.

Photos: Erica & Tina’s IG

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