Reality TV star Evelyn Lozada is reportedly pregnant with her second child.


 TMZ is reporting that reality star Evelyn Lozada is SIX MONTHS PREGNANT. Sources confirm that only a handful of people know and that she has been seeing a guy for about a year. And on top of that, the pregnancy was PLANNED!

“I’m so thankful for so many things! How much greatness has happened in a year! I’m sooooooo damn HAPPY!!! Yipeeeeeee!!!”

 be exact! Apparently, she has been doing her best to keep it a secret. We know what you’re thinking, but thankfully, no, the baby is not Chad Johnson’s! Evelyn has been seeing a mystery man for about a year now, and rumor has it that the pregnancy was actually planned.


LA Dodger, Carl Crawford, is reportedly the father of Evelyn Lozada’s child and rumored to be worth $130 million dollars! The couple have been dating for almost a year now and decided early on in the relationship to conceive a child. 

If true, CONGRATS.

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