Gumbumpers, what do you think of Evelyn’s T-shirts? I’m not a fan at all, but If you like them buy them now, before Tami shuts down the operation.

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  1. Regardless what ANYONE has to say… Evelyn is cashing in on what "SHE SAID" on Basketball Wives. Tami is NEGATIVE in everyway. Like they say… you can take the Girl out the Ghetto but NEVER the Ghetto out the Girl! And Tami is straight Ghetto!

  2. I think all of this is really blow out of proportion. I don't believe Evelyn is doing this to flaunt it in Tammy's face at all. I think what happened is Evelyn is a smooth sh^t talker (and didn't even realize what she had said), because like most people that talk alot of sh^t on a regular basis when you piss them off, some of the things they say just roll off their tongue before they realize it, and when she said it, she realized how jazzy it sounded. I just ordered my shirt, I think its cute. I don't think its targeted specifically to women who mess around with other womens husbands, I think its versatile. Haters for example and this is a way to let them know that they are a Non F'N Factor!

  3. I truly admire her entrepeneurial spirit, but not at the expense of downplaying another black woman especially after she slept with her husband and then shucked and jived in her face for a whole season (editing I know).

    Despite her success (tv, great shoe store), recent engagement and newfound happiness, I now get why Charlamagne Tha God calls them "Basketball Birds." And now we add football to the nest of eggs, touchdown!

    Anyway, in Tami's defense, my Team Tami T would read: "AND YOU ARE JUST A F"N

    B!TCH BOO-BOO (Literally & Figuratively)" w/a little number of visitors/victims counter underneath. With a percentage of the proceeds used to help girls who think its cool to lay in hopes of love even if it is in the arms of another woman's husband. Not to forget the wives who get disrespected in the process. Worthy cause huh…

    Furthermore, what kills me is that these women are role models now. Whether they want to be or not, they're actions are an example to the weak-willed and easily influenced average American tuner-inner. Sad, but true. However, no-hate. I bid her good luck and I wish her all the pleasures her soul has afforded her to obtain.


    • Thank you for posting Team Tami, your input means an especially great deal to me. I couldn't of said it better.

  4. lol before Tami shuts it down. Evelyn is wrong in so many ways for these shirts. She was really promoting the hell out of these shirts last night on twitter.

    • I seen her last night, promoting her butt off. I wouldn't wear the shirt, but I'm sure someone out there likes it…LOL!!

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