Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocino have officially landed a new spinoff reality show on VH1. Sources are saying the offer wasn’t given on a silver platter. We all know Evelyn threaten to leave BBW after VH1 posted a blog insinuating she cheated on her “husband” (what TMZ called him) Chad. when did they get married????

TMZ also reports not only will she get a raise, but she will only shoot half as much as she did previously because she doesn’t want to miss any of Chad Ochocinco’s games with New England Patriots.

She’ll also be able to maneuver her shooting schedule around her daughter, Shaniece’s school schedule. The best part of the deal is the new reality show Evelyn and Chad will be starring in which will document the months leading into their wedding. Yes, they’re supposedly getting married.

All you fans of “BBW” will be really happy to know the ladies are currently filming in NY & Miami which Evelyn recently tweeted,

Awwww we’ll be bck in Feb