If you recall, singer-songwriter #KevinMcCall came for his ex #EvaMarcille and her fiancé in an all-out Instagram war back in November. It looks like that was a tipping point for the model, because in an interview with @Essence, Eva opened up about her relationship with Kevin and quite frankly revealed that they don’t have one!

“We don’t have a relationship”, said Marcille. “He’s blocked on all my social media. I have full custody of my daughter and her dad is Michael Sterling, so he is a blast from the past and a memory.” Oop!

“I do not let him affect my day-to-day in any shape, form or fashion,” she continued. “But I do pray him success, and more so than anything, peace of mind. Marley is the priority, the biggest priority of my life, outside of my newest child and my fiancé. And at the end of the day, despite personal feelings, she deserves a level of stability, tranquility, and sanity. And [that’s] my job as a parent, no matter how hard it is for me to provide that for her, but that’s my job.”

Well said, sis! Enjoy these “Real Housewives of Atlanta” coins in peace!

TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet on IG
Source: https://www.essence.com/celebrity/eva-marcille-planning-wedding-daughter-marley-ex-kevin-mccall-rhoa

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