Estelle has defended Chris Brown, labeling him a ‘genius’ and asking why people continue to criticize him??

UK star Estelle, who released her new album ‘All Of Me’ recently, has worked with Brown on the record and spoke about her feelings for him and his musical talent in a new interview with Vibe.

Questioning some people’s lukewarm response to his return to the limelight following an assault conviction in 2009, Estelle says: “I feel like Chris is an incredible singer, musician, dancer, entertainer, and brain box as far as business and that’s why I respect him and that’s where we meet at because I have nothing else to go on.”

Adding: “I respect him, I love him, he does amazing music, and has evolved. He’s worked his ass off, so why are people still crucifying him?”

Touching on Brown’s recent brace of collaborations with ex-girlfriend Rihanna, Estelle adds: “I just think people need to worry about their lives per say. Don’t worry about who he’s recording songs [with], who he’s doing this with if you enjoy the music.

“We all make mistakes. A sin is a sin is a sin. It’s no big smoke, let the boy live. He does music.”

I truly have to agree with Estelle, we’ve all made mistakes in out lives, let it go!!


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