Legendary rapper Eric B (Eric B and Rakim) basically had a few short words to tell Nicki Minaj which was to “Go F*ck Herself”  The rapper said Nicki treated him like he was some overwhelmed fan…..I guess Nicki missed the loop of knowing all the rappers… especially a legendary one. Here is the scoop below:

Eric B that the “Microphone Fiend” producer set out to meet Nicki Minaj, after his daughter let her dad know that she was a fan of Nicki’s mixtapes. So, E.I. hooked up the meeting for Eric B — He tells me that he figured it was the right thing to do for his daughter, so she could get her desired picture of her dad with Nicki. But, the meeting didn’t exactly go as Eric B thought it would have. He says when Nicki met him, she treated him like he jumped over barricades and snuck by security to meet her. Who the fuck is this bitch? Nicki actually treated an OG of the rap game like a peasant. WTF? She needs to recognize that she’s a new jack (and a shitty one at that) and bow down to those who started this rap game! But, she didn’t. And that’s exactly why Eric B told Nicki to go fuck her herself…I would too, wouldn’t you?