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If you’re a Dru Hill fan get excited! Sisqo just announced the quartet is reuniting for a brand new album. And we can expect it to drop sometime next year. In other news, Drake was assaulted in a nightclub in Dubai recently. And it was caught on tape.

Check the video and get the deets inside….

It you were a fan of 90s R&B music (like us), then surely you remember classic hits from 90s group Dru Hill, such as “In My Bed,” “We’re Not Making Love No More” and “5 Steps,” just to name a few. Well, if you’ve been feenin’ for a Dru Hill fix, you may be in luck.

Lead singer Sisqo dropped by daytime talk show “The Real” today to announce Dru Hill is on the comeback trail! Yes…they’re back! Following their 2010 LP InDRUpendence Day, the guys will be reuniting for their fifth studio album. The new project is expected to drop sometime in 2016 and it will commemorate the group’s 20th anniversary. Wow…20 years? We’re getting old.

Sisqo also chopped it up about his new album Last Dragon (which dropped last month), saying it would be his last and final solo music project. If you haven’t heard his single “A List” featuring Waka Flocka, check it out HERE.

Later, the Grammy nominated singer—who’s working his way into acting— talked about influencing younger artists to go platinum blonde and why decided to do it in the first place. He said his girlfriend broke his heart when he was in the 9th grade and he said he wanted to “be someone else.” He recalls seeing Diddy’s baby mama Misa Hylton in the “Big Poppa” video with blonde hair and that’s what inspired him to go blonde. Hmm…ok.

Check it:

Sisqo’s episode airs today. Check your local listings for the time.

In other news…

It seems like Dubai is one of the many hotspots for celebs with plenty of YBF folks trekking it to the United Arab Emirates recently. Well, Young Money rapper Drake has spent the last week there, but over the weekend, he ran into some mischief while partying in a nightclub.

According to TMZ, Drizzy (above posing with Prince Mansoor) was invited to Dubai as a guest of the royal family. He also performed there as well. Drizzy decided to experience the nightlife scene and hit up Movida nightclub.

As he and his entourage were making their way outside, a man grabs Drake by his head and shoves it! While Drizzy didn’t throw any punches, he did turn around and grill the dude, which eventually resulted in security bringing the man to his knees. Sighs…

Peep the madness below:

What in the world?!

Photos: Patrick Wymore/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc/Drake’s IG

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