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On today’s episode of “The Real,” emotions were high as the ladies talked about their experiences with being bullied. Tamar Braxton had an extra emotional moment, breaking down to tears as she talked about the hurt she felt after people (like Chris Brown & K. Michelle) started saying she looks like a “muppet.” Peep the passionate clip inside….

The ladies of “The Real” had a true heart-to-heart on today’s episode as they talked about being bullied by others. Tamera Mowry Housley opened up with giving advice she received from her grandmother on how to get over people saying mean things to her. She revealed when people talk about her looks on Instagram she would go to their page and realize a lot of times people don’t like themselves and they’re projecting their insecurities on her.

Loni Love talked about responding to trolls on social media and how hard it is to deal with people saying mean things about her. Following Loni dishing on her experiences, Jeannie Mai then asked Tamar Braxton what advice would she give her son Logan on how to handle bullying, which sent the singer/reality star over the edge.

Tamar responded, “I don’t have any advice to give me son because…” Clearly choked up, Tamera chimed in to finish her statement saying “she’s still dealing with it.”

Jeannie then said Tamar comes off very strong and that she thought Tamar didn’t let what others said about her get to her. Tamar then explained she does struggle with being bullied. She specificly brought up the hurt she feels when people say she looks like a muppet.

You’ll recall, Tamar and Chris Brown were embroiled in a nasty Instagram feud back in November. Breezy went off into a rage on Instagram, saying Tamar looked like a muppet after an episode aired where the ladies were discussing his on/off relationship with (his now ex-girlfriend) Karrueche Tran.

Before that incident, Tamar was also called a muppet by singer/relaity star K. Michelle. Back in 2012, Tamar sent a “cease and desist” letter to her nemesis after K came for her calling her a muppet and alluded to wanting to “fight” her during an interview.

During today’s chat, Tamar discussed how being called her a muppet made her feel, and that it got a point where she was asking her husband Vince if she really resembled a muppet. The “Love & War” singer could barely speak because she was so full of emotion. She said,

“I was just asking my husband the other day. A particular person started saying I look like a muppet. People say it so much that sometimes, I start to believe it. And so, I even asked Vince, ‘Do I look like a muppet?’ and he said ‘Absolutely not.’ But this person has the whole world calling me that and it’s just so devastating because it takes me back to high school and there’s nothing I can do about it, but what I can do is what Jeannie does. Thank you Jeannie. I can act like the world is all peaches and cream and taste like strawberries, so I’m going to take that with me today. Thank you.”


Peep the heart felt clip below:


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