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Kanye West is now Dr. Kanye West! Yesterday, he received his Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts at The Art Institute of Chicago. Check out his speech and pics of Lil Jon speaking at the University of Oxford in England inside….

Dr. West is in the building! And we’re sure he would have us all addressing him as such.

Kanye West, who titled his debut album The College Dropout, received his Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts at The Art Institute of Chicago. The Chi-town native was recognized for his transformative and genre-defining work across music, performance, film and fashion design. And he took the podium to deliver a speech before students and professors inside the Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University.

Before starting his speech, he removed the bottles of water from the podium, walked off stage, came back and said, “I’m sorry, that’s just my opinion.” The audience found it amusing. He continued,

“I am a pop artist, so my medium is public opinion and the world is my canvas.”

He goes on to talk about former President George Bush and reveals how nervous he felt as he was being honored. He said, “George Bush has some very cool self portraits. I didn’t know he was an artist. I felt my nerves a bit and I don’t feel that feeling a lot. The nerves of humility and modesty when being honored. A humanization, a reality of being recognized. And all I thought as I sat here shaking a little bit it, I need to get rid of that feeling. I need to not be nervous.”

He then goes on to say how this degree will make his life and our lives easier. Oh? He explained,

“This honor is going to make your lives easier. Two reasons: You don’t have to defend me as much and I’m going to make all of our lives easier. And it’s these Floyd Mayweather belts that are needed to prove what I’ve been saying my entire life. Whether it’s the co-sign of Paul McCartney saying ‘It’s OK. He doesn’t bite white people.’ Or the New York Times cover, or the TIME Most Influential cover. And now, a doctorate at The Art Institute of Chicago.”

The “All Day” rapper believes if he had this degree sooner, it would have been easier for him to get his foot in the fashion world. He ended his speech saying,

“When I went on that mission to create in other spaces, apparel, film, performance. It would have been easier if I could have said I had a degree at The Art Institute of Chicago. Thank you.”

Peep his speech below:

Congrats Ye! After receiving his doctorate, Ye joined Chi-town rapper Vic Mensa to perform for high schoolers at Chance the Rapper’s open mic event.

At another college institution…..

Following in the footsteps of Kanye, Lil Jon was tapped to speak to 150 students at the University of Oxford in England yesterday.

The King of Crunk is no stranger to higher education. After high school, he studied at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia for two years. After that, he went on to perfect his craft as a DJ and eventually worked at Atlanta-based record label So So Def.

Following his speech he went on a campus-wide tour. He snapped the pic above with the caption, “dinner wit harry potter ‘nem” Ha!

Photos: Kim’s IG/Lil Jon’s IG/@teamkanyewestdaily/@ sarpkeremyavuz

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