Things are getting a little ugly between Eddie Murphy and standup comic Brando Murphy. Brando is now suing Eddie for a whopping $50 million, claiming that Eddie is ruining Brando’s career.


Brando claims Eddie is hell-bent on destroying his career, which Brando thinks is rooted in absurd vanity.

 Eddie’s lawyer reportedly sent cease-and-desist letters to Brando, warning him to stop claiming to that Eddie is his father. The letters point out that Brando — who wears a mustache similar to one Eddie has had— changed his last name to Murphy and appeared in a stage show called Sons of Comedywith comic legend Richard Pryor’s real-life son.

Brando has launched a $50-million defamation suit against Eddie, claiming that the star of films like Beverly Hills Cop and Nutty Professor doesn’t have a right to keep Brando from using is new last name, according to TMZ.