According to the Website, “It was in 2010 when Howard and Alexa became an official couple but their relationship ended sooner than expected leaving Alexa a baby daughter. She didn’t have any regrets as far as her relationship with Howard is concerned because she is happy to be a single mother to her one and only two-year-old daughter.

Though she never admitted it yet that Howard is indeed the daddy, one can conclude he sure is because the child resembles him, plus check this photo out below:


Also Royce Reed, Dwight’s other baby mama, took to her Twitter and Instagram share the news……It is nice to see the Dwight’s children mother getting along with each other:


You can say what u want but there’s no drama between us! #SiblingLove! Love u girl @hopealexa always!


She is such a doll, but it makes you wonder why Dwight didn’t put a gag order on Hope, like he did with Royce. Well here it is…….Hope never said anything negative about Dwight that can destroy his career. As it is, she is very contented and happy being a single parent. She never confirmed that Dwight is her daughter’s father nor did he claim he is.


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