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Things are getting worse for rapper 50 Cent….now he needs a new place to live! Find out what’s going on with his estate in Connecticut inside…

Remember 50 Cent’s $8.3 Million estate in Connecticut? Well….the massive home (which once belong to Mike Tyson) is bleeding the bankrupt rapper dry. So he says. Now, at the advice of his advisers, the rapper has put the home on the market…for lease.

That’s right…for a small monthly fee, you could move into the 52-room palace that comes with its own swimming pool, private casino, nine kitchens, basketball court, a helicopter pad, a private cinema and a few stripper poles.

Now, we’re not sure how much Curtis wants for the home. In fact, we only know about the “lease” because it was revealed in the bankruptcy docs he filed earlier this week.

Here’s what we do know….it costs to be a boss. Right now, he pays $72,000 a month in maintenance ALONE! Also, the value of the home has decreased. At the height of his career, he once put the place on the market for $18.5 Million… you can see, he’s knocked $10 Million off THAT price. Tsk Tsk.


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