Well, within recent days Katt Williams has found himself in the world of trouble… From slapping the piss out of a Target employee to fighting with fans at a recent concert he did. Katt has had his share of turmoil and he needs to sit his arse down before he gets seriously hurt!! Someone may not be ‘the one‘ that’ll take his rants and smacks….

Katt wiiliams retiring

With tears rolling down his face, Katt Williams bumped gums on Seattle’s KOMO News 4 that he is retiring from stand-up comedy.

Katt is lookin tore-off and barely-there…. during the interview, Katt says he’s already discussed his decision with his kids before explaining:

“I’m kinda done.”

Peep the interview…….

Gumbumpers what do you think about Katt’s decision?

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