Basketball Wives LA Star, Chantel Christie blasted Orlando Scandrick’s messages to prove she did not lie about him trying to get with her while he and Draya were together. But, Draya is a hot head who ain’t hearing it.



On Monday’s episode of “Basketball Wives LA,” Jackie Christie decided to put Draya on the spot and she had her daughter Chantel confront Draya without any type of head’s up.

Draya wasn’t happy about what she feels was an ambush orchestrated by Jackie, but Jackie feels a conversation between her daughter and Draya needed to happen.

In the heated conversation, Chantel once again taunted Draya about Orlando texting her while he and Draya were on a “break,” while Draya told Chantel to her face that Orlando was never serious about her.

Of course all of the drama spilled right on over to Twitter and Instagram once the episode ended.

Chantel posted the following screenshot of text messages between her and Orlando to her Instagram account and Draya clapped back below:






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