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The war of words between Drake and Chris Brown is getting ugly. Recently, Drake took his “beef” to the stage and dissed Chris. Watch the clip inside and see what Funk Flex has to say about his battle with Jay Z.

A few days ago, Chris Brown and Tyga (who just released theirFan of a Fan album) gave an interview to Hot 97 where Chris was very dismissive of Drake.

Chris said, “This n*gga not making us no money by us talking about him. We not getting no checks by this n*gga. We making him hot by talking bout this n*gga. I’m not giving this n*gga no more ratings. I’m not taking his side cause I don’t mess with dude. I’m on probation so that’s all I’m gone say.”

Well….word got back to Drake (he’s on tour in Australia and New Zealand) and he “worked” Chris into his act. At his show in Auckland, New Zealand last night, he changed a line on his If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late track “Energy” to “I got R&B n*ggas that I gotta act like I like”, replacing the original “RAP n*ggas”.

Watch it here…

And that line about Canada just so happened to work perfectly with what just happened as well. Chris was recently denied entry in Canada because he’s a convicted felon. He tweeted, “Unfortunately I will not be able to perform in front of sold out crowds in Montreal & Toronto. The good people of the Canadian government wouldn’t allow me entry. I’ll be back this summer and will hopefully see all my Canadian fans!”

Over on Black Twitter….fans blame Drake for the border issues….

We’re sure this isn’t over. We’ll keep you posted.

We just hope Chris doesn’t Ef up his probation….

In magazines…

Radio personality Funk Flex has slimmed down and landed in GQ. He talked to the mag about getting healthy, losing weight and his “issues” with Jay Z. Here are the highlights:

You caused a bit of a stir last month with your Jay Z rant. Have you heard from Jay since you went at him?

[Laughs.] You mean past the time that he hit me with the capital letters in a text? I love Jay Z. And I respect him. This is the first time I’ve talked about this, by the way. You know how when some things happen you go, eh, water under the bridge? But when I got that email [from Jay Z’s website Life and Times], for some reason I felt like a lot of the other things that had happened were not water under the bridge. And maybe you think I’m stupid or you think I’m a bitch. Either one I don’t like.

So have we sat down?

No. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure if I care about his opinion and what he feels in this situation. I will play his records to the grave. ‘Cause I’m a fan. It doesn’t affect anything I do professionally. Just don’t capitalize and talk to me in a text.

So he texted you like you were some sort of lackey?

Absolutely. And I enjoy getting in the ring with everyone and anyone. I think sometimes people forget I have a rule if you’re an on-air personality or a rapper. You’re allowed to come at me three times. And I count them. One, all good. There’s two, all good. You ever notice, people never call me a bully? But I bait you, cause the first and second time, they go, “This dude’s soft. Flex is soft.” And the third time they go, “Oh my God, this guy is lashing out on me.”

What you’re saying is, there won’t be a come-to-Jesus meeting with Jay anytime soon?

You know what? I’m past it if he’s past it. But—and you can go to print with this—should he say anything about me in an interview, I’m going to fire off that night. The choice is really his. I’m going to come 150. He only felt 100. He’ll feel 150. Any slick punch line, any slick interviews—we’re gonna do what we do. We’re gonna spar.

Read the full article, including his weight loss details, here.

Photos via Drake’s Instagram/Jace Lumley

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