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Celebrities Who’ve Publicly Shamed An Ex

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It’s absolutely heartbreaking to read something like this. Everybody deserves to find “true” love and to be “loved”. Do we all just get fed up and settle? No, I don’t think so. It’s an awful lot of life to waste with someone who doesn’t give you a rush. It’s a long time being unhappy. Life is too short to spend it doing things that don’t fulfill you or make you excited! We have so many gifts and talents and we squander them on others expectations instead of our own. We live by a code-book of life we don’t even know the author of. Then again, perhaps the true author is us.

We write our own stories. We guide our paths in life by our own decision-making, so there’s no one to blame but ourselves. Who can you really point the finger towards? The bad relationship, the person you chose. The bad job, the one you accepted and can walk away from? The rulings of your family and how your marriage should be? How to raise your kids? How to be a good spouse? Everything. If we just live according to what is honest and true to ourselves we will be just fine. We will have less stress, worries, and not feel everything is caving in. Suffocating and holding us back. We are more in charge of our success and our happiness than we realize. For those who have a faith in Jesus Christ know he died for our sins. Died so that we could be free and live life “freely” meaning having the choice and free will to live out our paths as big and brightly as we want. To let our inner creative inventors and geniuses flourish.

Returning back to the content of the story, I think it’s important for us to find that person and pursue that person. We live in a society that deems that as very negative and “dangerous”, insane. We have confused a sick obsession with someone who knows in every fiber of their being that they found their “match”. It may not always be right but when you feel something inside of yourself that you can’t quite explain, does it really make sense? Does love make sense? I’m sure many of you are shocked to find out who your love match really is. Not what you expected, huh? That’s typical.

We live by this “ideal” vision of what the perfect person is when really we don’t have a clue. We don’t know who we will end up with. That’s for life to decide. We just need to be open to the possibility because with these “ideals” or standards we over-look what’s standing right in front of us. Sometimes we’re able to grab the love before it’s too late and sometimes we miss it. One of the questions that many of us should keep in the fore front of our mind is, “Is this person worth losing the relationship that I already have?” When a relationship goes stale or becomes dry we believe the love is lost when really there just needs to be an extra added element of fun.

All I hear about are relationships that looked so right, ending for unknown reasons, reasons that really are not worth losing something so good over. We are blinded in our society… We have forgotten what it means to go through rough patches. We are so lazy that we opt for the easy way out instead of facing the situation at hand. I’m not perfect. I haven’t found the “perfect” match yet. I haven’t discovered my soul-mate yet. But from my life experiences, I’d rather go through the tough and the gritty with someone and come out with a new-found strength with them, than have some run-through “your my BFF” moment with someone who finds interest in my personality upon first interaction. It’s such bullsh*t.

When are we going to see it’s not about such things. Friendship doesn’t even play a major role anymore, but I’ll use that as a headliner for another entry. I’m just afraid we’re losing our values in what a committed relationship is. I’m not at the place in my life to get married or have kids, but I believe wholeheartedly in the fundamentals of marriage. Bad seeds don’t create long-lasting, fulfilling marriages. Find the right match and then everything will fall into place. Don’t settle, you’re short-changing yourself.

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