A council worker from Brighton woke up to discover she was at the centre of international attention this morning – after Donald Trump mistook her for his daughter.  

The US president-elect quoted a message which praised his daughter, Ivanka Trump, calling her ‘a woman with real character and class’.

But instead of tagging the 35-year-old businesswoman, he posted the Twitter handle of Ivanka Majic, from the south-east of England.  

The mistake sparked a Twitter storm, which resulted in Ms Majic’s profile trending on social media, in what has been described as an ’embarrassing’ moment for The Donald.

Donald Trump mistook his daughter (right) for council worker, Ivanka Majic (left), from Brighton, after tagging the wrong woman on Twitter

Donald Trump has renewed his war on CNN and attacked the network’s special on his daughter, Ivanka – before it even went to air

After waking up to thousands of notifications, the Labour-supporting Ms Majic told Good Morning Britain’s Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan: ‘My politics couldn’t be further from Donald Trump.

‘Rather than be concerned at the spaces he puts in his tweets I’m more concerned by the stance that he takes on climate change. 

‘I am smart enough to switch off my phone and notifications before I get to sleep. 

‘Some people clock quite quickly who I am … some are rude. I don’t think (I should) take it too seriously.’ 

Ms Majic added: ‘It’s not a new thing. I’ve had the @Ivanka handle for a long time, it’s my name. 

‘All the way through the election I’ve been tweeted and I did during the election have a twitter box encouraging people to vote for Hillary (Clinton). 

‘It’s also quite amusing because I’m getting all this attention and yet my politics couldn’t be further from Donald Trump’s. 

‘So rather than being concerned about the space he puts in his tweets, I’m more concerned about his stance on climate change.’ 

Instead of tagging the 35-year-old businesswoman (left), he posted the Twitter handle of Ivanka Majic (right), from the south-east of England 

On whether she has spoken to Ivanka Trump herself: ‘We have never had a bit of engagement, I did encourage her at one point because there’s a gentleman in America who has the John Lewis twitter handle and he has some interesting tweets as well. I’m not unusual in having a twitter handle that people confuse with somebody else.’

She added: ‘If anyone has any ideas for how I can use it for good, I am open to suggestions.’

MailOnline editor-at-large, Morgan, replied: ‘You should write to Donald Trump today, tweet him and say you’re prepared to advise him on his presidency, now that he’s brought you into his twitter sphere.’ 

Many people were quick to point out The Donald’s error. 

Bradd Jaffy wrote: ‘The Twitter handle @Ivanka belongs to a woman in England — whose phone may be buzzing her out of a dead sleep at this very moment.’

John Gary said: ‘RIP @Ivanka’s mentions. (She is not Ivanka Trump.)’

Brian Klaas posted: ‘Trump tagged a random woman from Brighton in the U.K. @Ivanka instead of his daughter. So absurdly embarrassing.’

Ben Longstaff tweeted: ‘I used to share a flat in Hackney with @Ivanka and I’m fairly sure that she will be laughing her head off at Trump’s error.’

And Japhy Ryder added: ‘Imagine being @Ivanka, sleepy, turning on your phone… 20,000 notifications?’

The mistake was made after The Donald attacked CNN again for the network’s special on his daughter, Ivanka – before it even went to air.

Trump was tweeting just minutes before the inside look at ‘the First Daughter’ started at 9pm, saying he was shocked CNN was running the special at all and that he did not have high hopes for it.

‘At 9:00 P.M. @CNN, of all places, is doing a Special Report on my daughter, Ivanka. Considering it is CNN, can’t imagine it will be great!’ he fired off to his followers at 8:49pm.

Trump blasted the show before it even went to air, sending out this tweet at 8:49pm

The special on Ivanka Trump – the ‘First Daughter’ – aired on CNN at 9pm on Monday

The special was very positive towards Ivanka and the entire Trump family. It used footage of an interview with her in July (pictured)

But the report itself was glowing, painting Ivanka and the entire Trump enterprise in a very positive light. 

It featured an interview with Ivanka from July, when she defended her father and dismissed claims he is ‘sexist’.

In the months since the interview was taped, Trump was dogged by allegations from women that many experts wrongly believed would derail his bid for the White House. 

It also catalogued her desire to follow Donald into real estate, how she met her husband, Jared Kushner – who is now Trump’s senior White House advisor, and the impact she has on her father.

Donald Trump Jr was interviewed as part of the CNN special on his sister, Ivanka, that aired on Monday night

The news network, which has been under attack from the Trumps, spoke to Eric for the Ivanka special

Family friends and Kellyanne Conway were also interviewed, as well as Eric and Donald Jr, and barely a bad word was said about Ivanka or Donald.

The Donald seemed to be happy enough with the portrayal, judging from the fact he retweeted a fan who wrote: ‘@ivanka Trump is Great (sic) a woman with real character and class.’

Unfortunately for Trump, the ‘@ivanka’ tagged in the tweet he shared was not his daughter – instead the account belongs to a woman who lives in southeast England. 

The president-elect has been bickering with the network for months, however he took the exchange to another level last week when he refused to answer questions from a CNN reporter and branded it ‘fake news’.


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