Donald Trump has apparently hit an all time low as it pertains to his taunting of President Barack Obama. In a recent you tube video, Mr Trump is offering the President five million dollars (to a charity of the President’s choice) to make his academic records public, citing that this president is the least transparent of them all.
Who in the hell is Donald Trump to make these claims and accusations? In all my years, I have never witnessed such a blatant act of racism from Donald Trump. Then again, maybe once. I guess that it wasn’t enough that the President agreed to make public, his birth certificate.
Donald Trump goes on to say that this act will make the American public happy. The only one that seems to be interested in President Obama’s school grades and passport information is Donald Trump. What ever happened to the right to privacy? Better yet, Donald Trump should have made the very same offer to Governor Mitt Romney to publicize his tax records. Now that’s a thought.
It seems to me that Mr. Trump may have just sabotaged Mitt Romney’s campaign. Based on YouTube comments, no one is happy with this announcement. Neither Democrats, nor Republicans.
It is clearly the highest level of disrespect of our country and it’s leadership for someone of Mr Trump’s public status to continue to attempt to create such division within our fine country.
Thank you Mr Trump for allowing the World to see that racism is alive and well and that you are helping to lead the charge.


-Que Diddit


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