CNN’s Don Lemon has delivered yet another incisive interview — this time with a robot named Meccanoid.

During a segment promoting the third season of Morgan Spurlock’s CNN original series, “Inside Man,” Lemon strolled over to the edge of the set to sit down with the subject of one of Spurlock’s new episodes.

Lemon and Meccanoid high-fived and shared some light banter, but things really started to heat up when Spurlock asked his “robot friend” if he wanted to dance.

“I enjoy hip-hop,” responded Meccanoid, proceeding to pump out some pretty sweet beats from his speakers.

Lemon was clearly into the tunes, raising his hands in the air and bobbing his head up and down in a motion that looked remarkably like dancing.

“Who needs another human in the house?” he asked before taking Meccanoid by the hand to go for a walk. “Let’s go, bro.”

H/T Mediaite

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