Dollicia Bryan is on the newest issue of KING magazine.  This is the second time she’s graced their cover.

  Peep some of the excerpts in which she speaks about Kim Kardashian…

KING: What do you have to say about the rumors of you being New Orleans Saints’ Reggie Bush’s rebound, immediately after his split with Kim Kardashian?

Dollicia: I have met him once or twice, but we have never hooked up. Some people wanted to play the field but I don’t do that. I haven’t seen him in a very long time.

What about his teammate, Darren Sharper? Not only were you seen leaving a restaurant with him on TMZ, the blogosphere ran rampant that Sharper and Bush were literally fighting over you.

The Darren and Reggie thing was kind of crazy. That’s just a rumor. A friend of mine introduced us because they thought it would be a good match. When he came to L.A. it was actually one of our first dinners, unfortunately.

I can see the comparison; we have similar shaped bodies, very curvy. But we’re two different women. I’m a mother, so I can never be famous for leaking a sex tape.

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