• A dog from Portland, Oregon, made his own version of a snow angel
  • A clip shared last week shows him next to his owner, making shapes in the snow
  • The dog frolics around the woman for a moment, then lies down on the ground
  • He begins to shimmy left and right, leaving a ‘dog angel’ imprint

Clemence Michallon For Dailymail.com

A happy dog from Portland, Oregon, was caught making his own version of a snow angel – showing that arms were not a prerequisite to make pretty shapes in the snow.

A clip shared online last week shows a dog watching as his owner makes a snow angel the traditional way, by moving her arms and legs while lying on the ground.

The dog frolics around her for a moment, while the woman, dressed in a down jacket, ski pants and gloves, applies herself to make the perfect angel.

A man filming the scene tells the dog to come towards him, getting the pet out of the snow angel’s way. But the canine lies down in the snow too and begins shimmying its body left and right, thus creating a ‘dog angel’.

A clip shared online last week shows a happy dog hilariously try to copy his owner after seeing her making a snow angel in Portland, Oregon

‘There you go. Make your own doggie,’ the man behind the camera tells the dog, who keeps wiggling on the ground.

‘He’s making a dog angel while you make a snow angel,’ the man tells the woman, who starts to laugh. ‘It’s perfect.’

The clip was recorded as Portland saw record snowfalls last week. Governor Kate Brown declared a state of emergency Wednesday after parts of the city saw more than a foot of snow.

Forecasters later had concerns about potential flooding caused by melting snow, but the situation seemed to have cleared as of midday Monday.

A man behind the camera can be heard telling the woman that the pet is making a ‘dog angel’, causing her to laugh. The clip was recorded while Portland experienced record snowfalls



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