Michael Jordan is all set to remarry his longtime girlfriend…Michael-Jordan-Yvette-Pierto

Then out of the woodwork comes a woman claiming that he fathered her son 16 years ago. An Atlanta woman named Pamela Smith, filed a paternity suit claiming that Michael Jordan fathered her 16-year-old son. She says that she dated the former Bulls’ superstar before he married his former wife, Juanita. The suit was filed last month in Fulton County, Ga., Smith contended she became pregnant with Jordan’s child in 1995 — while he was married to his wife, Juanita — and gave birth to Grant Pierce Jay Jordan Reynolds on June 26, 1996. I wonder why she waited so long if it’s really true….


Hmmmmmmmmm — Gumbumpers do you guys smell bullllllllllllllllllissshh?! I Do!

Peep the clip…

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