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Did Tamar Braxton pull out of the L.A. Pride Festival at the last minute…with no notice? That’s what the executive producer is saying. See if you believe his story inside….

“Braxton Family Values” star and singer Tamar Braxton was booked to perform this weekend at L.A. Pride Festival…but there appears to be an issue.

L.A. Pride executive producer Jeff Consoletti is accusing the “If I Don’t Have You” singer of dodging him and not returning phone calls from the production crew…days before the event kicks off. He claims she was one of the first confirmed acts for the festival. Other publications state they have also tried reaching out to confirm the story, but have gotten the same cold shoulder.

Organizers have pulled her performance in order to book a backup acts. He says rapper Angel Haze and pop artist Ivy Levan will step in.

Luckily for Tamar, the event organizers don’t plan on taking legal action since she never received any coins, but it’s weird how she has gone M.I.A.

A few days ago, “The Real” co-host was blasted on social media after she posted a video of a man praise dancing to her track “If I Don’t Have You” inside a church. She clapped back (and deleted, according to Hip Hollywood) saying:

“Why is this man ‘praise dancing’ in church blasphemy? Don’t even try THAT. This is HIS interpretation and I’m VERY saved and sensitive to my spirit! Like I said … this is first!! To the saved, not so saved, and people who judge everyone while they fall short … my bad, I wasn’t trying to offend you and your love for Christ! I LOVE him too. So pray for me. But this is this man interpretation and I FEEL he wasn’t trying to be disrespectful! Sorry if I offended anyone PERSONALLY … BUT I’m not sorry for understanding his artistic interpretation…”

So….do we believe Tamar backed out at the last minute?

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