DJ Quik’s daughter Davieanna Marlena Blake who resides in Phoenix, AZ, is facing possible first-degree murder charges after her 2-year-old son was found dead outside their apartment Wednesday.


Davieanna, 21, and Darnell Moses Alvarez, 24, were arrested by Phoenix police the couple were found standing next to the body of their child outside the apartment. Court documents show a witness told investigators he heard Alvarez disciplining the child for wetting himself or the bed, and that he could hear the child being spanked. The witness described the discipline as “excessive.”


Blake said she did not intervene because she did not want to upset Alvarez any further, according to the documents.

Blake said she then went to work and when she returned home, she saw her son had multiple bruises on his body and was lethargic. She told police that Alvarez did not want to take the boy to the hospital because Child Protective Services would be called, according to the court papers. The child stopped breathing while the couple argued.

An autopsy revealed the boy had a lacerated liver, internal bleeding and bruising throughout his body.


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