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Nicki Minaj got thrown under the bus when a Grammy producer listed her 2012 performance as one of his most regretful moments. Find out why Nicki’s performance got trashed and get the deets on a former nanny filing a lawsuit against Mariah Carey inside.

As we prep for several fabulous YBF performances at the 2015 Grammys (airing February 8th on CBS), famed Grammys producer Neil Ehrlich talked to Hits Daily Double where he opened up about some of his greatest Grammy moments over the past 35 years…and his most regretful. Unfortunately for Nicki Minaj (shown above in an outtake from her 2015 calendar), she isn’t on Neil’s “sweet” list.

In fact, he recounts her 2012 performance of “Roman Holiday” (which some have called one of the worst Grammy moments of all time) as one of his biggest regrets.

“I was not proud of what we did with Nicki Minaj three years ago. I thought that was a disappointment both in terms of what we did and to an extent what she did. I’m not going to absolve us of any responsibility, but it just wasn’t good. If it had been controversial and good, I think I would have been proud of it. But we probably let out the string a little too much on that one.

He continued:

We did a thing I don’t know how many years ago called “Britney’s Incredible Dream” when Britney was the biggest thing in the business. I thought I had to book her. We did this thing where it opened up with her in a bed as a little girl. Then she did—I don’t remember what song it was—“Baby One More Time.” I thought that was a mistake. But there are a lot of ’em in the middle, and there are dozens near the top. But when someone asks me that question, those are the two that come immediately to mind.”

Ouch! Does this mean we won’t get to see Nicki twerking to her hit “Anaconda” during a surprise collaboration with Sam Smith? Since Grammys likes to pull ish out their asses….

Revisit that “Roman Holiday” performance here:

In other “diva” bashings…

Mariah Carey has been hit with a lawsuit by her former nanny who accuses her of being jealous and consistently overworking her employees. The shocking lawsuit was filed in Manhattan Federal Court today where Simonette Da Costa says Mimi forced her to work 100-hours a week (while denying her any overtime pay), then fired her “for expressing too much affection for their children.”

For a salary that ranged between $6,000-$7,200-a-month for taking care of fraternal twins Roc and Roe, Simonette’s lawyer Eli Freedberg claims:

“She was on call 24 hours a day. She was always at their (Mariah and Nick’s) beck and call. Plaintiff was on duty during all hours of each 24 hour day with no entitlement for breaks, for meals, and even for sleep. Indeed, Ms. Carey would often call plaintiff at hours in the middle of the night and demand to be taken to her children or to be updated on the status of her children.”

Eli added that Mariah was a petulant diva who demanded that her every need and whim be tended to. “Ms. Carey would not tolerate any delay when she called and plaintiff had to attend to her every demand, spontaneous or otherwise.”

In perhaps the most shocking charge, the nanny claims she was fired because Mariah was jealous over her closeness to ‘Dem Babies.

“She was caring for the children too well. (Carey) was worried they were getting confused who the mommy was. My understanding is that Ms. Carey didn’t want the children developing any lasting relationship with the women,” Eli claimed.

This is the second lawsuit Mariah is facing from a former employee. Former staffer Yiser Oliver has accused the diva of skipping out on overtime pay for seven years!

But as she preps for her headlining extravaganza at Caesar’s Palace, don’t expect to hear a word from Mariah on these claims. A rep for the “Butterfly” singer told the Daily News, “We don’t comment on frivolous lawsuits.”


Miko Grimes, the wife of Miami Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes ignited a firestorm on Twitter after she tackled the NFL with a rant that accused them of being anti-family misogynists and greedy execes who violate their own concussion rules. Miko was upset with the NFL because they punished Brent (yanking several paid appearances during the Pro Bowl) after he was excused from practice to care for her following emergency oral surgery in Phoenix.

So far, the NFL has ignored Miko’s tweets (and Brent has stayed silent as well). And she’s currently popping off on those who are criticizing her, saying she’s biting the hand that feeds her. And many asking why her husband doesn’t quit if it’s so horrible for him. Maybe it’s that contracted $16 million guaranteed money he’s promised? While she makes valid points about the NFL’s greed and shadiness….was her delivery and the deliverer the problem? Story.

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