Reggie didn’t walk the red carpet with her, but Amber Rose was definitely his date for the ESPY Awards.

Sources say they watched Reggie flirt with Kanye West’s former girlfriend of two years, model Amber Rose  at the ESPY Awards after-party at Drai’s Hollywood nightclub at the W Hotel — and she even gave him a lap dance.

Reggie, 25, partied with his fellow New Orleans Saints before moving to a cabana with his coach and a few ESPN sportscasters, where he was approached by Amber, who didn’t leave his side for the rest of the night.

Amber grabbed Reggie’s hand, stared deeply into his eyes and began to give the athlete a sensual lap dance. Although there was music playing in the background, Amber moved to her own beat and Reggie loved every second of it.

After dancing for more than five minutes, Amber slowly stood up and Reggie whispered something in her ear. Judging from their smiles, it was obvious the couple’s late-night rendezvous was going to continue late into the night.

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  1. A lot of those black men (especially pro-stars) date white asian and latin women,,, i would like to know do these women ever stick to their men and why is it always about the black woman.. why not why white women dont date their own? A bit of a double standard to me!

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