Word on the streets, Nene “Bitch I’m Rich” Leakes got punched in the face by Former Miss USA Kenya Moore.  According to VERY CONNECTED insider . . . a brawl pops off on one episode of the Atlanta Housewives . . . and NeNe gets PUNCHED IN HER FACE!!

According to our insider, NeNe thought that she could talk CRAZY towards the newest housewife Kenya Moore (a very well respected actress and model). But what she didn’t realize is that Kenya may be BEAUTIUL . . . but she’s NO PUNK.

According to our snitch Kenya hauled off . . . and PUNCHED NENE IN HER EYE. The insider tells us that after NeNe got POPPED, she turned and walked away . . . like a PUNK. We’re also told that NeNe is trying to convince the producers to EDIT the footage, so that she doesn’t look quite AS BAD as she did.

Looks like this is going to be a good season, I got my popcorn ready!!


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