This major blow with Jay Z and Solange have so many speculating these days. I know they’ve moved on and so have we but, was Beyonce trying to tell us something subliminally a few months back? Maybe we didn’t pay attention because, things seemed to be good in the hood. But, peep this…



The song “Mine” which features Drake hints at problems.

Read Below…

I’ve been watchin’ for the signs, took a trip to clear my mind, oh
Now I’m even more lost and, you’re still so fine oh my, ohhh my
Been havin’ conversations about break-ups, and separations,
I’m not feelin’ like myself since the baby,
Are we gonna even make it oh
Cause if we are, we’re takin’ this a little too far
If we are, we’re taking this is a little too far,
Baby if we are, we’re taking this a little too far,
With me being wherever I’m at, worry bout
where ever you are,
We’re taking this a little too…far

Got everything I’m asking for but you,

F*ck whatchu heard, you’re mine, you’re mine,
Long as you know who you belong to,

Beyonce – Mine Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Are all the public appearances just a front to keep the Beyonce-JayZ brand going? Remember the look on her face at the game when Jay was on the phone? That was not a good look. That was more of “who the fuck you texting when I’m sitting right next to you” look!

Beyoncé/ Mine from Stefan Duscio on Vimeo.

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