Well not everyone wants wants to keep up with Kim Kardashian. With her new relationship with rapper Kanye West out in the open, the reality television queen is hoping to rub shoulders with new mommy and musician Beyonce but according to heat magazine, the musician already has a posse of her own — and it will never include Kim.

“Despite Kanye being one of Jay’s closest friends, Beyonce wasted no time in banning Kim from being invited into their circle, which is exclusive, to say the least,” says a friend of Beyonce to heat magazine. “Beyonce is used to hanging out with Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow — she’s in a totally different league to Kim.”

I’m sure Kim isn’t going to be to happy with that!

“Bey’s marriage to Jay-Z was extremely private, and neither of them confirmed it until long after the event. Kim, on the other hand, turned her wedding into a media circus and the whole thing was filmed for a reality show,” the source explained.

I already knew this…not surprised!




  1. I dont blame Beyonce, she is straight up class and kim k is straight up trash,, she got known for a sleazy sex tape, and Bey is known for her acting, dancing and singing.. I am so sick of diaper booty Kim.. please go fall off the face of the Earth and take your pull up extends with you kim !! Good looking out Beyonce.. let Kanye make a fool of himself..

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