Bring out the chicken wangs, the hot sauce, the mini burgers, guacamole and chips, beer, and let the games begin! If there’s any time during the year you will find the most celebratory nature in people other than Christmas and New Year’s Eve then you haven’t seen anything until THE SUPER BOWL comes around. It is absolute chaos finding the perfect spot to watch the two lucky teams who have worked their hardest to make it to the big dome and create the perfect sport’s atmosphere for guests. Don’t forget the team colors and inviting all your favorite friends over for the time of your life, all in front of a tv set haha! Helmets and pigskin take your positions…I’m ready for the commercials and Halftime.

I’m not exactly what you call a “sport’s fan”. If anything I’m not that but there’s something of a competitive nature in me so if I see a great play happening I’ll tune in. But what I was really waiting for was half-time like others out here who are not engrossed into watching men in tight pants with bulging chests and biceps knock each other down over an oval-shaped brown ball. Then again… there is something worth watching 😉

After the presumed “Recorded” voice-over from Ms. B at the Presidential Inauguration she’s been receiving a lot of flack for not authentically singing the anthem. This raised many eye brows of whether or not she was going to pull the same stint for Half-time. Not to upset anyone but I’m not a big Beyonce fan when it comes to her singing. I remember back in the day, and I mean way back when she was with the original Destiny’s Child and her Texas accent was extremely pronounced. There’s no way you could mistake that strong Texas accent. It stood out just like Texas is known for doing everything B.I.G. Now of course after making it B.I.G. she’s had enough voice coaches and training to smother her native accent and sound more “proper” and well-spoken.

You can barely hear it now but for me, her voice doesn’t seem to mesh well with her upgrade in proper diction. It just doesn’t suit me but I’ll also say the same for other divas in the spotlight like Jennifer Hudson or Christina Aguilera. Even though I favor their voices more than Beyonce, I can only listen to them for so long before I start going sound deaf. Just because someone has strong pipes doesn’t mean hearing it on constant blow is going to sound pleasant in the long haul. Variation is pleasant. Less power with a softness is desirable sometimes.

After watching her performance with her Destiny Child sisters Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams it actually turned out to be a decent performance. I’m not whooping and hollering over it but I’m content. As a woman who loves Fashion I was really diggin’ the costumes all three of them wore. Leather has been exceptionally popular this past season and they were working it out! Today I saw the man behind the designs for the first time on tv, Rubin Singer. If I was an exclusive designer and it took me “200 Man-Hours and 14 seamstresses” to complete my customer’s outfit or costume I would be boasting the heck out of it! That man meant business and he wanted to make sure what he created was a showstopper. All the women, including 120 back-up dancers looked awesome in their leather attire. It just inspires me as a creative person to test the limits.

I’m not too proud to give the woman props for her hard work so I will say, Good Job Beyonce you’re living your dream and that is what it’s all about whether I’m a major fan or not.



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