Gumbumpers, Macy Miller is a 27-year-old FEMALE Architect who found herself divorced, unemployed and losing her home to foreclosure two years ago, the Boise resident enlisted the help of her dad and later her boyfriend to start building her 196-square-foot dream home. In doing so, the Idaho architect opted out of paying rent or even a mortgage with her perfectly formed ‘Tiny House’ – that cost her only $11,416.16 and which she also broke her back building. The house which is built atop a flatbed trailer – made complete with sustainable materials – has the unlikely boast of its $2,000 compost toilet being the most expensive amenity or appliance in the whole cute build.


macy broke back

Talk about design on a dime! Well, Macy did it. The idea for her home came to Macy in a dream – way before she knew that across the nation a whole community of small home dwellers was springing up. ‘It didn’t occur to me that it had been done before — building a tiny house just made sense for me and for my situation, in every way,‘ she told the Huffington Post in 2011.

Macy began construction of the property in December 2011 and has plowed $11,000 of her own money into the tiny home. The kitchen is powered by gas and the home is currently hooked up to the power grid – but soon Macy wants that to change. Creating her plans for the house from scratch, taking influence from other tiny home residents, Macy invested $10,000 initially in her new home.

Inside the cozy home, every modern amenity needed is available including lighting which she wired herself, a kitchen area, and a working bathroom.

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6 Macy Miller tiny house

1Macy Miller tiny house

3 Macy Miller tiny house

2 Macy Miller tiny house

Macy Miller tiny house

The Tiny Budget for a Tiny Home: A Brief Breakdown of What Macy Spent Her $11,416.16 On

$500 – 24’ flatbed goose-neck trailer with 5’ dovetail, 8’ wide.

$375 – Under-floor radiant heat system

$1,000.00 – (192) 2’x8’, 2” thick pieces of rigid insulation

$300.00 – 2x4s 10′ (81), 2x4s 8′ (84), 2x6s 14′ (21), 5/8″ plywood (17), 5/8″ OSB (7), nail plates, wire, electrical boxes, electrical hangers

$30.97 – Black and Decker Wiring book (highly recommended), lighting receptacles

$105.28 – Electrical panel and circuits

$2,000.00 – Composting Toilet

$45.00 – Kitchen Sink

$701.83 – TPO roofing and roofing glue

$579.09 – All plumbing supplies including a $203 bathroom sink and $53 shower drain

$354.06 – Drywall, screws, corner metal, nails, mud, paper tape

$518.21 – floor and shower tile

$886.00 – Washer Dryer

$359.98 – Tankless hot water heater

Macy says:

“I have incorporated every single ‘dead space’ as storage. The steps leading to my bed will have drawers, the space above my pantry is sunken to have storage, behind my fridge is more storage, I have built in book shelves and I have plenty of cupboards and space under my bed for storage.”





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