NBA Chicago Bulls player Derrick Rose gets very emotional during  the launch of his Adidas D Rose 3 shoe promotion.  Rose, who hung his head in his hands. He took nearly 30 seconds to try to compose himself, using a tissue handed to him by one of his three brothers, who sat with their mother, Brenda, in the front row.

Finally, through all the tears, Rose spoke, even referencing the violence that has plagued his Englewood neighborhood again this summer.

“This is truly a blessing,” Rose said. “With all this stuff that’s going on in this city, a kid from Englewood (has) something positive going on. That makes me feel so good. This shoe is great. All this is great.

Just watching the video, It’s so damn touching to see someone of his magnitude to be soooo grateful and we all know here in Chicago….Derrick is very humble.  

We here in Chicago all LOVE you D.ROSE!!!!

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  1. THAT EFFING IDIOT MAN AT THE END OF THE VIDEO NEEDS A BEATDOWN,,HOW DARE HIM TALK CRAP ABOUT SUCH A HUMBLE MAN LIKE DERRICK WHO CAN APPECIATE WHERE HE CAME FROM AND BEING RAISED BY A SINGLE MOTHER..IS HARD AS WE ALL KNOW..CRYING DONT MEAN WEAKNESS..crying is a human emotion and knowing how hard it was for him growing uo with 4 brothers and a single mom CRY DERRICK ALL TH HELL YOU WANT..and i give props to his strong black mom for hanging in there and raising her kids b herself..we all know the other races of women wouldnt have done it…big props to blakc single mothers becasue i know its hard..i know its hard.With all the racism, sexism, and all other crap we blks face i give Breda Rose her props also!

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