Actor Denzel Washington has refused to star in a movie made by killer doctor Conrad Murray about Michael Jackson.

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Murray, 60, was released three weeks ago after serving time surrounding the death of the King of Pop after he injected the star with a fatal dose of the anesthetic Propofol.

Murray has been shopping around a screenplay about his disastrous relationship with Michael Jackson, and not surprisingly no one will bite. Conrad reportedly wanted Oscar winning actor Denzel Washington to portray him in the movie, but was met with a swift, ”NO.”


Denzel was friends with Michael and was deeply saddened by what happened.  “The thought of helping the man who killed him is preposterous.”

He added: “Murray is deluded if he thinks any Hollywood A-lister will be interested in working with him.

“He is presenting his tale as if he is the victim.”

The Jackson family is also angry that Murray will earn a “six-figure sum” for his first interview this weekend.

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