TMZ  is reporting that actress and soon to be divorced Mrs. Kutcher, Demi Moore was rushed to a hospital last night!

Law enforcement tells us a 911 call was placed at 10:45 PM Monday night.  Paramedics responded to Demi’s L.A. home and after assessing her for a half hour, she was transported to a local hospital.

Sources tell us she is being placed in a facility to “seek further professional assistance.”  Our sources say the treatment is for substance abuse.

Demi’s rep tells TMZ, “Because of the stresses in her life right now, Demi has chosen to seek professional assistance to treat her exhaustion and improve her overall health.  She looks forward to getting well and is grateful for the support of her family and friends.”

Mmmm, exhaustion….may mean “drugs”?

Demi recently seperated from her husband Ashton Kutcher for allegedly cheating with a 20-something year old. Since then, reports have stated that Demi has grown increasingly thin and undergone a lot of stress since the seperation.

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