Some lucky fliers capitalized on a computer glitch Thursday and scored some really cheap flights on Delta Air Lines.


A former Melbourne resident who lives in Indiana, was able to book six flights to and from Melbourne International Airport for less than $350, saving himself more than $2,000 in the process thanks to a computer glitch involving Delta Airlines.

Rokosz initially planned to drive from Chicago to the area for work and to see friends in the area with his girlfriend when he noticed shockingly low deals being offered for flights to and from Melbourne International Airport with Delta.

“I was excited,” said Rokosz. I found them on Kayak. When I saw it, I went on the Delta website.”

He had a very good reason to be excited. Rokosz was able to book a round-trip flights for him and his girlfriend from Chicago to Melbourne for $116, another round-trip flight from Melbourne to Fort Walton Beach in February for $110 and two one-way flights from Chicago to Melbourne and Melbourne to Chicago for $58 each.

In total, Rokosz was able to book flights that would have normally cost the duo $2,480 for $342.

He also had exceptionally good timing as the deals were only available from 10 a.m. to noon before they reverted to being priced as Delta had intended them to be.

“Delta will honor any fares purchased at the incorrect price,” said Trebor Banstetter, spokesman for the airline.

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