A mother in New Jersey was horrified when her daycare provider told her what her 8-month-old daughter put in her mouth.  It was a mouse, and most likely a dead mouse.

“Lately she’s been vomiting. Everything she’s eaten, she’s throwing it back up,” said Brittany Barba, mother.  Brittany Barba has pulled 8-month-old Alanah out of The Donald K Tucker Childcare Center, where she volunteered, and the baby’s paternal grandmother works.

The grandmother, she says, discovered the rodent in the child’s mouth.

“And she said take her to the ER, who was watching her?” Barba said.  “And then there’s germs, mice carry disease, disgusted by it all,” said Nadiyyah Miller, cousin.

Kiburi Tucker invited us into the center. He is the Executive Director, and a father of five.

“This was an isolated incident, I was really hurt by this, it could have been my child,” said Kiburi Tucker, executive director. The state health department, he says, paid a visit, offering suggestions, like moving shelves and furniture away from the walls.

That’s just nasty!

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