Illinois’ Department of Children and Family Services on Friday released a 22-page report detailing its investigations before and during the death of 17-month-old Semaj Crosby.

The toddler was the subject of a massive search before her body was found under a couch in her family’s Joliet home last month.

Missing Toddler Found Dead in Joliet Township

[CHI] Missing Toddler Found Dead in Joliet Township

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The report contains information regarding the various people who inhabited the home, including Semaj’s biological parents, but does not say why or how the little girl died.

The report also notes mental health concerns among adults and children living in the home. It states Semaj’s cause of death as “unknown” pending a full autopsy.

A day after Semaj was laid to rest, a fire destroyed the home where she was found dead, burning it to the ground.  

Deputy Chief Chokes Up While Discussing Missing Girl

[CHI] Deputy Chief Chokes Up While Discussing Missing Girl

Earlier this month, DCFS Director George Sheldon said he’s considering a major change in the way the agency conducts abuse and neglect investigations.

Sheldon told the Chicago Tribune investigators could benefit from access to records of past unproven allegations.

DCFS currently expunges and shreds files if the agency determines there is no credible evidence of abuse or neglect. Sheldon says patterns of mistreatment may only emerge by analyzing the information in those “unfounded” cases.

Diane Redleaf of the Family Defense Center said keeping records on unfounded cases could harm the innocent.

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