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Dawn Richard is opening up about whether or not she has had plastic surgery, explains why she set it off on her Danity Kane bandmate Aubrey O’Day and why she is done with being in a group. Get the deets inside….

Former Danity Kane member Dawn Richard is now a solo artist after being in two separate groups that eventually failed. But, that’s not stopping her grind. The singer is now concentrating on her solo career with the release of her brand new album Blackheart, which is the second album from her trilogy that she dubs “The Black Era”.

This morning, Dawn stopped by Power 105’s The Breakfast Club to talk about her newly released LP, but of course, she was asked about the now infamous fight between her and her ex-bandmate Aubrey O’Day. You’ll recall Dawn and Aubrey got into a huge altercation where it was alleged Dawn punched Aubrey in the face while they were in the studio, resulting in the cops being called and eventually the disbandment of the group.

Dawn has already spoken out with her side of the story, but now she’s dishing the extra deets on what REALLY went down. In so many words, she said Aubrey and Shannon Bex went behind her back to lay down some vocals on a track she had already recorded. They decided to have a studio session, but kept Dawn out of the loop. The thing is, the producer on the track hit her up letting her know they were coming to the studio not knowing Aubrey and Shannon hadn’t told her about it. When she walked in on them and confronted them, ish went left and things got out of hand and that’s when she punched Aubrey (allegedly in the face). After that, Dawn said it was no coming back and she was done. She’s done with being in a group all together and is now solely focused on building her own brand and perfecting her craft.

The "Castles" singer also talked about those rumors about her having work done to her face. Dawn has pretty much remained mum on the subject but she’s now ready to denounce it all.  We guess it was just Dawn playing around with photoshop.

Below are the highlights:

On getting cosmetic surgery:
“No (she has not gotten plastic surgery), but honestly I have come to the conclusion that people have already decided what they want to say and what they believe. If I say no they’re going to say I’m a liar and if I say yes they’ll be like you a disgrace. You bleach your skin”.

On what sparked the cosmetic surgery rumors:
“I can’t even give you the way it started because I’m not in that place but shoutout to the people who think I spent that much [$100,000] on my face”.

On why she decided to go back to Danity Kane:
“I wanted to prove to myself I could finish something. If a lot of the fans wanted it I thought maybe it would have been a really good idea. We could have done something revolutionary”.

On why Danity Kane broke up:

“The problem with Danity Kane was everybody wanted to play eveybody’s role. And when you’re in a group like that, that can’t survive. Everybody can’t be Kobe [Bryant] on the team”.

On why she punched her bandmate Aubrey O’Day in the face:
“There is no excuse for my behavior but what I’m saying it everybody gets pushed to a limit. When something is poisoning and you go into the studio and people are literally going behind your back and lying to you and taking your vocals and doing things that are shady that’s foul”. She said her father had cancer, her grandfather died and then she got sick, so she took a little time off. They were supposed to go in the studio and lay down their vocals. When she came back, she recorded her parts and when they went back and listened to it they felt she had too many adlibs. They told her they had studio one day, but went in the day before to re-record Dawn’s adlibs with their voices and Dawn walked in on them doing it. She said she tried to confront them and that’s when ish went left. She said she found out that they were in the studio when the producer on the track hit her up telling her they were coming, but he didn’t know they didn’t tell her about the session.

On if she and Aubrey could ever be cool again:
“It’s no love lost. I love my group members; I just don’t like the things that we do. When something is poison you have to know when to say it’s enough. I didn’t like who I was when I was in it. We didn’t love it. We were coming in fighting, that’s not what we suppose to be. It’s supposed to be love. If it’s not about the art, if it’s not about the fans then what are we really doing it for?” She said she’s DONE with groups.

On her ex-boyfriend Q from Day 26:
“I haven’t talked to him.”

On her relationship with Diddy:
“That’s the homie.”

On if she’s in a relationship:
[Pause] “I am having a great time this year. I’m taking this one all the way private.

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Photo: Dawn’s IG

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