Well people after I’m sure a long work week I am here to relieve your stress and hit you with the tea you deserve to sip. Here’s your weekly recap.

Donald Sterling Caught with mistress V. Stiviano AGAIN!!!


Well, since racist Donald Sterling seems like he has nothing else to lose he is still living on the edge with the number one person that led to his demise. According to TMZ, Donald Sterling’s wife Shelly, who’s already, endured enough public embarrassment from her husband’s indiscretions, but to add insult to injury V. Stiviano was caught in her house. She was supposedly an invited guest by Donald Sterling himself. And, you know Shelly was not having that and called the cops on Stiviano. Shelly wanted Ms. Stiviano off her property and arrested. But, of course that didn’t happened because Donald Sterling invited her himself. Damn…this is a mess!

New Music Alert: Mila J feat Ty Dolla Sign and Rick Ross

mila-j-my-main-coverMila J has a new song entitled ‘My Main,’ I must I am growing more and more fond of the Los Angeles native music and hip hop style. The song is catchy and could be an anthem for a girl’s best friend. The video mimics the movie ‘Coyote Ugly’ and is very dance inspired. The artist added Ty Dolla Sign swag to the song and it is definitely a hit. I really enjoyed watching this artist and I’m excited to see how her music evolves.


Next, up is Rick Ross and R. Kelly ‘Keep Doin That (Rich B**ch). Rick Ross got another hit under his belt with King of R&B Kells on the hook. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear this song in heavy rotation on the Chicago airwaves. Rick Ross is set to come out with a new album entitled, ‘ Hood Billionaire’, which is set to drop November 28th.

Former Atlanta Housewife Porsha Williams Released Statement


Poor Porsha…Not only did her ex husband Kordell Stewart part ways with Porsha but so did the Bravo network. It was recently stated that Porsha Williams has been demoted from her Housewife status in the famous Real Housewives of Atlanta show to “friend capacity”. What the hell does that mean? So, I am assuming that because of last season’s fiasco with Kenya Moore, resulted to this decision. Porsha made a statement saying the Bravo network blindsided her with the decision. However, Porsha still feels blessed to have been a part of the show and thanked Bravo for still giving her the opportunity. You can still catch Porsha on Dish Nation with the Fox Network as an entertainment correspondent. At, least Porsha is moving forward and it seems like there’s no hard feelings.
That’s all for now my fellow Gumbumpers. Enjoy your weekend and make the best out of all opportunities.
~dana williams

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