Gumbumper’s blogger Dana Williams got a chance to talk to this year’s BET Honors Awards host Wayne Brady on the red carpet. This is Brady’s second year hosting the BET Honors. His hilarious antics from last year entertained viewers everywhere. Check out what he had to say.

How Does Being the host of the BET Honors Awards for the second year make you feel?

“I’m proud, that’s really is what’s going through my mind, how proud I am. This year show needs to be even more on point than last year’s show. Honestly, that’s how you top things; I’m always striving for greatness. That’s what this show is about and what extraordinary looks like. So, my goal for the awards is to make extraordinary look easy, black and sexy.”

How do you prepare for such a prestigious award show like this?

“For me personally, I give myself a prep talk. I say Wayne this has to be Right! I think I reminisce back to when I was 13 and I told myself I was going to do some amazing stuff.”

What’s next on your agenda?

Right now, I’m in the current season of “Who’s Line Is It Anyway,” on the CW network. I’ve got a new record coming out, that’s produced by Robert Glasper. And, I’m hosting a late, late show next month for a week. Lastly, we come back for the seventh season of ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ coming real soon.”

The BET Honors Awards will make you laugh, entertain and make you appreciate those heavy hitters in the industry. Overall you’re in for a good show. The event was held in Washington D.C at the Warner Theater. The awards will air February 23rd. Don’t Miss it!

~ Dana Williams


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