10600412_10150469599729957_8189635906633649548_nWelcome to another edition of Dana’s 5 Cents. Boy, do I have some good tea for you this week! Check out some of the headlines from this week.

T.I. and Lauren London confirms ATL sequel

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One of my all time favorite movies is now in production for a sequel. That’s Right! ATL 2 will be coming to a movie screen near you. Earlier in the week, rapper T.I and ‘The Game’ star Lauren London confirmed that ATL 2 will be in the works, via Instagram. People that know me, knows that I’m a big fan of T.I and I try to support anything that he does. So, needless to say I’m looking forward to the old gang getting back together again and creating another movie. Hopefully, everyone will bring their now seasoned acting skills onto set and be able to deliver with more experience. So be on the lookout for that.

Chris Brown fathers a 9 – month old baby girl!

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It’s no secret that Chris Brown has not been sowing his oats, while being in his on again and off again relationship with Karrueche Tran. But, this huge bomb he just dropped will make any woman want to give up on him. It was recently, reported that Chris Brown fathered a beautiful baby girl named Royalty, with one of Karrueche’s friends. Now, how disrespectful can you get Chris? However, I have mixed emotions about this, because Chris Brown has been on a promiscuous and destructive pathway for a while now and Karrueche been riding with him all this time. Clearly, after being scrutinized in the public eye of her constantly sticking with the pop star wasn’t enough; he had to get someone pregnant for her to call it quits. But, Gumbumpers do you think Karrueche is really done this time? I mean in reality she really doesn’t have a storyline without Chris Brown anyway.

MemPHITZ finally opens Up about Reginae’s Sweet 16 party and split from wife Toya

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Everyone has their own problems in a relationship, and as you’ve seen celebrities are no different. MemPHITZ opened up about his relationship with wife Toya. He admitted that they’re separated right now, but he does miss his wife; he just has to handle his business. He also admitted that he was hurt that Viacom’s MTV “Sweet Sixteen” cut his involvement in stepdaughter Reginae’s, birthday bash out. He now has a lawsuit against the conglomerate, I hope everything works out for him.

New Music Alert: Trina featuring Rico Love


Rapstress Trina seems to be making some smart moves in the music industry by linking up with super producer Rico Love in “Real One.” I will say this that Trina has been struggling for a comeback for a while now so I really hope this new single; amongst her other new music goes somewhere. I really wish she’ll come up with a new niche other than bashing men though. It really just makes her look bitter.

That’s it for me Gumbumper snatchers, until next time…. Be safe. Be True. Be Smart.

~ Dana Williams

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