(Photo Credit: Dana Williams)
(Photo Credit: Dana Williams)

Hey Family! We made it through another week and the drama continues with our favorite celebs. In Dana’s 5 cents you’ll get your top headlines with a little twist! Kick your feet up and check out the recap.

Iggy Azalea Is Over Social Media Negativity

iggy-azalea-that-grape-juice-15The “Fancy” star Iggy Azalea seems to be getting tired of everyone coming at her head on social media. Recently, she went out of town with boo Nick Gordon, and after being criticized and blasted for her Bikini pix; Iggy decides to let her management deal with her account. Why? Aren’t you a public figure? I just think that the moment you become a public figure you’you’ve already open the door for criticism and the world’s opinions of you. Now, don’t get me wrong people can be cruel and relentless with their words, and of course celebrities are human too and have feelings, but to let your “management” deal with you social media is simply a cop out to me and just impersonal, especially to her fans. Maybe once the rapper feels the drama has died down, she’ll reconsider.

Michelle Obama Still Promoting Healthy Eating Kids

Thumbnail for 126131Recently, First Lady Michelle Obama collaborated with the kid’s favorite icon, Sesame Street’s very own Big Bird for a new video of “Billy On The Street”, to contribute to children’s healthy eating movement. Michelle Obama is really pushing families to promote more fruits and vegetables in their children’s diet, and she’s doing it by any means necessary. I commend the First Lady for wanting to reduce the epidemic of childhood obesity. However, I want to see her promote more alternative solutions to healthy eating other than just removing fatty and unhealthy foods from the school system.

Taraji P. Henson goes on the “Late Night” and “The View” show to talk about “Empire” character, Cookie Lyons!

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If you’re not a fan of the hit show “Empire”, you will be after watching everyone’s favorite gangster gal, Cookie Lyons! The character is played by the very talented, Taraji P. Henson, and she recently confessed who her favorable role was inspired by. Earlier during the week, Henson appeared on the “Late Night with Seth Meyers” and admitted that her father, who’s now deceased, inspired the role of “Cookie Lyons.” Henson explains that his “Tell it like it is” mentality is what keeps the character going. Congrats to Henson, for also being named NAACP Image Award Entertainer of the Year! I know I love me some Cookie, two-snaps, and my Wednesday night consist of nothing but plopping on my couch and tuning into “Empire”. Keep Up the Good Work Taraji!

New Music Alert: Big Sean “Research”

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Big Sean has been making some serious moves lately, since his new album, “Dark Sky Paradise,” is out in stores February 24th. After, his explosive hit, IDFWU, debuted he’s now out with a new song, “Research” featuring his boo, Ariana Grande. The song opens more ‘tea’ into his last relationship, with now MARRIED Naya Rivera. The song admits how, Rivera was obsessive, envious and insecure just to name a few qualities. I just say, Big Sean is doing what female artists have done for years, making tons of money off their heartbreak and relationship drama. I look forward to Sean’s highly anticipated album.

That’s it for me, Until Next Time….Be Safe. Be Smart. Stay True.

~ Dana Williams

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