TGIF Gumbumpers, after a long week I am here to help you get updated with all of your latest news and gossip headlines. Check the recap:

Stevie J and Joseline expecting their first baby??

Joseline baby bump

Say Whaaaat!!! I feel so sorry for this child already. Now, as we all know Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J, haven’t been the best role models for anyone’s children. With, Joseline’s outrages antics on the Love and Hip Hop Reunion and of course Stevie J and his previous drug addiction has been in the news, are they really ready to be parents to an innocent baby? Well, recently the dynamic duo showed up at Shanti Das’s ATL Live On The Park event and Johnny Gill performed. After, the performance he got a chance to rub on Ms. Joseline’s belly. I guess that’s confirmation that they are ready.  I know I am very curious to see how this turns out, but big ups to them.

This is awesome!! Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg donates $25 Million towards fighting Ebola


It’s no surprise that this Ebola virus is becoming a serious epidemic. It’s definitely a good look for one of society’s most influential people to contribute to the CDC Foundation, $25 Million to help fight this virus. I definitely, commend Mark Zuckerberg for taking the initiative in becoming proactive in this situation.

Snoop Dogg disses Iggy Azalea


Can anyone take a joke anymore? Apparently, not Iggy, Snoop Dogg took to Instagram and posted an Albino woman with cornrows and the caption Iggy Azalea with no make up. I’m sorry I thought it was hilarious, but Iggy and her fans didn’t think so either. She took to Twitter expressing her hurt feelings. Like, come on Iggy Azalea, people  are made fun of everyday, but other celebs just let things roll off their shoulders. I really don’t think Snoop Dogg meant any harm, but to get a few laughs. So people stop being so damn sensitive!

Tiny and Shekinah’s Weave Trip Premiere

tiny shekinah

So, in cased you missed it earlier this week, Tiny T.I’s wife and her bestfriend Shekinah show aired on VH1 on Monday and I think it was a success. It was funny and entertaining. Shekinah never fails with her ratchet antics and Tiny always plays it cool in the process. I do say having a friend like Shekinah can be embarrassing if you can’t take her nowhere, but watching her and Tiny’s adventure will humor you.

Wiz Khalifa dating a German Model?


Damn, that was fast. So, apparently Wiz Khalifa was spotted with a mysterious woman out on a date. Her name is Sara Dastjani. Her and Wiz were captured together, but who knows if this is the new leading lady. But, I do know that people were shocked and disappointed at the downgrade they felt he made, with the model.

That’s all I got people. Keep in tuned with Dana’s 5 Cents every Friday to get your recaps and headline updates. 

~ dana williams

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