Damon Dash chimes in on the Jay Z and Solange elevator incident. Damon had a funny connotation about what went down and how Jay handled it. Damon is a funny dude and I couldn’t help but, to laugh at it. Dame said he hopes Jay-Z isn’t taking the altercation and the subsequent media frenzy too seriously. According to Dame, the Jay he knew would find humor in it all and laugh it off.


“If he doesn’t care, then he should be enjoying it,” Dame told Hip Hop Motivation. “I hope they laughing at it.”

The Roc-a-Fella Records co-founder said the incident, in which Solange physically attacked Jay in an elevator while Beyoncé watched almost motionless, was one of the few times the public has seen Jay looking anything but completely composed. “Jay’s the kind of guy who doesn’t move or nothing like that that much,” he said. “He just don’t have many uncool moments.”
Dame also took a bit of pleasure in seeing the several social media posts and Instagram photos poking fun at Jay who is rarely the butt of Internet jokes.

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“I feel like nobody teases Jay except me for some reason. It’s just the first time I’ve seen people freely expressing themselves,” said Damon who knows a thing or two about public embarrassment.
“What I’m really happy about is that when they were bombing on me about saying I was broke and all that, that there was no Instagram,” he said. “Being that I went through it, I can say what I’m saying.”

Though he mostly found it funny, Damon said he learned a little something about how Jay handles chaos.

“People got to see how he play s#!t off,” said Damon, referring to the way Jay exited the elevator without a hint of the beating he just took. “That was interesting to see that and how good he is at it… How do you trust anything moving forward?”

Since the video was released weeks ago, there have been many theories about what the in-laws were arguing about that night, and one popular scenario involves Damon’s ex Rachel Roy. Wendy Williams was one of the first to suggest that Jay and Rachel may have been flirting with one another, and that’s what may have set Solange off.

“If he was trying to holler at my wife, though, that’s kinda f—ed up,” Damon said. “That would be dark. That means he really has some resentment. I would hope that wouldn’t be the case.”


Damon talks about Jay-Z’s corporate image and the time a bird flew into his face. Peep the hilarity:

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