The Dallas Cowboys finished the season Sunday with a win against the Philadelphia Eagles. Here’s a look back at how I predicted their season would unfold.

My prediction: 9-7

Cowboys’ actual record: 9-7

How I fared: I guess I should play Mega Millions more often. The premise for my 9-7 pick was not having Ezekiel Elliott for six games. At the time, I didn’t know if it would be the first six games or not. In the first nine weeks I got only two games wrong, with the Cowboys winning at Arizona and losing at home to the Los Angeles Rams. Much like the Cowboys, my predictions took a turn after the loss to Atlanta, when I got four straight picks wrong. I thought they would beat Philadelphia and the Chargers at home, but they lost both games. I thought they would lose to Washington and the Giants and they won both. Of course, I thought Elliott would have been on hand for those games and he wasn’t, as the suspension did not begin until the ninth game. A playoff spot wasn’t on the line for the finale against the Eagles, but the Cowboys have now won seven of their last eight games at Lincoln Financial Field.


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